. . . but they have no interest in real combat, when the great masters struggle against that something, that something that terrifies us all, that something that cows us and spurs us on, amid blood and mortal wounds and stench.

09 February 2010

We Will All Be Tortured

Every life, Epifanio said that night to Lalo Cura, no matter how happy it is, ends in pain and suffering. That depends, said Lalo Cura. Depends on what, champ? On a lot of things, said Lalo Cura. Say you're shot in the back of the head, for example, and you don't hear the motherfucker come up behind you, then you're off to the next world, no pain, no suffering. Goddamn kid, said Epifanio. Have you ever been shot in the back of the head?

Page 511.

Epifanio has undoubtedly not read Camus's Resistance, Rebellion and Death: Essays, which includes the essay entitled “Reflection on the Guillotine.” Yet he knows without having been taught that there is no such thing as instantaneous death without pain and suffering.

In the end even the healthiest and happiest among us—each and every one of us—will be tortured.

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